Roof Inspection

We have expert roof inspectors that help to determine the existing roof issues as well as its life expectancy and current condition. Whether you need the inspection services for buying a new home or your roof is damaged by the storm, we can help you in all situations.

Roof Inspection for Realtors and Home Buyers

roofing inspection in Lincoln

The roof is an integral part of the house and you need a proper assessment of its current value. Our professional roof inspectors work with realtors and homeowners to examine the roofing system of both commercial and residential buildings. We charge a very nominal fee for the detailed report we come out with. Our report generally consists of the following:

  • Age Roof Estimation by our expert opinion
  • The life expectancy of the roof generally determined by its current condition and our experience
  • Any immediate or general repair the roof needs
  • Roof workmanship quality and how good is the current appearance of the roof
  • Layers of shingles on the roof counted by lifting the shingles

Storm Damage Roof Inspection

We do a FREE inspection if your roof seems to be damaged by strong winds or the hailstorm in Lincoln. We will thoroughly asses the roof for the damages and come out with the no obligation repair cost.