Roof Repair

Many roofing issues could be resolved without a need to replacing the whole roof. We have roof repair experts that can understand your roofing system and also diagnose the problems. They have plenty of experience fixing roof leaks and venting issues. We can do a thorough inspection and give you our detailed analysis along with the cost to repair the roof. We are known to find the most affordable fixes for your roof.

Most Common Roof Issues and the Fixes

Lincoln Roofer doing repair

Roof Leak Repair

If you see water stains on the ceiling or wall, it means there is a leak issue and most leak issues originate from the roof. Generally the most common leak issue is due to the flashing that is either degrading or improperly installed. Whatever the issue might be our expert will be on your roof in 24 hours. We will quickly diagnose the leak origin and fix the problem to make your whole roof leak-free.

Shingle Fixing

Shingles are usually blown off after strong winds in Lincoln. We can find and match exactly the same shingles for you and patch it up on the roof. But the new patch will stand out for some months because it’s not faded as the rest of your shingles.

Icing on the Roof

Although snow on the roof isn’t a problem if the snow starts to melt and get frozen at the sides then it starts causing leaking issues. This is usually caused by the poor attic ventilation that is causing part of your roof to be warmer. In this scenario, we will fix your attic ventilation and that would resolve the uneven snow melting problem on the roof.

This is a list of few general roof issues found commonly. There could be many other issues as well and each roof and house is different. Get in touch with us fast if you are facing any roof problems.